Workers’ Compensation: Myth vs. Reality in Los Angeles

Workers’ compensation is a system designed to protect employees who suffer injuries or illnesses due to their jobs. However, navigating workers’ compensation claims can often seem overwhelming, and many myths surround the process. In Los Angeles, where the workforce spans from movie sets to construction sites, understanding the actual landscape of workers’ compensation is crucial. Turning to experienced legal professionals like the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry team can make a significant difference for those seeking assistance. Here, it seeks to debunk prevalent myths and reveal the truths about workers’ compensation in Los Angeles.

Myth 1: Filing for Workers’ Compensation is Unnecessary for Minor Injuries

Reality: Even Minor Injuries Can Have Major Consequences

Many employees believe minor injuries do not require a workers’ compensation claim. This belief can lead to complications if symptoms worsen over time. Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys often stress the importance of filing a claim for any work-related injury, regardless of its initial severity. Early filing ensures coverage for immediate medical expenses and protects against potential long-term repercussions that may not be immediately apparent.

Myth 2: Workers’ Compensation Claims are Always Quickly Processed

Reality: Claims Can Be Complex and Time-Consuming

The expectation that workers’ compensation claims are straightforward and quick is another widespread myth. The process in Los Angeles can be lengthy and complicated, especially in cases involving severe injuries or when employers contest claims. Expert workers’ compensation lawyer in Los Angeles, like those at Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, are familiar with the complexities and can help streamline the process, advocate for your rights, and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Myth 3: You Can Handle Your Workers’ Compensation Claim on Your Own

Reality: Legal Expertise Can Significantly Impact Your Claim

Some individuals handle their workers’ compensation claims independently to avoid legal fees. However, navigating the workers’ compensation system without experienced legal guidance can lead to suboptimal outcomes, such as denied claims or insufficient benefits. Engaging a workers’ comp attorney in Los Angeles ensures that your case is professionally managed, improving your chances of a favorable outcome. Lawyers can assist in collecting evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing your interests in court if needed.

Myth 4: Workers’ Compensation Only Covers Medical Bills

Reality: Coverage Includes More Than Just Medical Expenses

There’s a common misconception that workers’ compensation only covers medical expenses. However, the reality is more encompassing. Workers’ compensation can also provide disability benefits, covering a portion of lost wages if your injury limits your ability to work. In tragic cases involving fatal injuries, it can offer death benefits to dependents. Understanding the full scope of workers’ compensation is crucial for anyone filing a claim.

Myth 5: You Cannot Choose Your Doctor

Reality: You Have Rights to Your Preferred Medical Provider

In California, while there are specific rules about choosing a medical provider, injured workers have certain rights to select their doctor under particular conditions. Initially, if your employer has a Medical Provider Network (MPN), you typically need to choose a doctor within this network for the first 30 days. After this period, you can select your doctor outside the MPN. Consulting with a workers’ comp lawyer in Los Angeles can help clarify these rights and ensure you receive treatment from a trusted healthcare provider.


Workers’ compensation laws are designed to safeguard employees, providing vital protections and benefits. However, more clarity about the process can lead to hesitancy and errors in filing claims. For Los Angeles workers navigating these waters, the guidance of seasoned professionals like Koszdin, Fields & Sherry can be invaluable. Their workers’ compensation law expertise ensures the myths are dispelled and the reality is navigated confidently. If you find yourself or a loved one needing assistance with a workers’ compensation claim, consider visiting their website to learn more about your rights and their services.


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