Promotions At 918kiss That You Should Avail In 2024

Online casino platforms have gained popularity in the past decade and have revolutionized online gaming to another level. It has attracted millions of players by providing real opportunities to win big. If you are familiar with online casinos, you must know that promotions are significant. 918kiss knows the importance of incentive provision when it comes to their customers. An extensive gaming library and safe payment methods are just some features to bring more players to the platform. This is why 918kiss provides some of the industry’s most exciting bonuses and promotion offers. You must know about the availability of such offers and how to avail them. We will briefly look at the types of promotions and bonuses that 918kiss provides. 

Different Types of Promotions You Can Avail

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is given to the players upon joining the platform. The initial reward is given to the customers upon fulfilling specific criteria. These may include making an initial deposit or simply registering on the platform. A welcome bonus may be offered in various forms, such as free spins, bonus credits, or cash rewards. Such bonuses allow the players to experiment on the platform before investing significant funds. Therefore, welcome bonuses provide players with a safe space for beginners on the platform where they can simply learn and win. 

5% Unlimited Reload Promotion

With this promotion offer, you can get 5% off whenever you reload. To avail of the promotion, you must first register at 918kiss with an affiliated link known as 241. If you registered, you can visit the website’s promotion page and look for this offer. 

Once you go to the promotion page and click on the 5% unlimited reload promotion, click Apply Now. Then, you’ll be directed to transfer the amount and a list of providers. Once you choose the provider, the amount will be transferred to you. 

There are a few conditions you must take into consideration because otherwise the bonus amount will be wasted. You can request the promotion many times from Monday to Friday. The amount from this offer will only be valid for the next 30 days, so you have to transfer it within the designated time. And you can only avail of this through fishing games.

Birthday Bonus

As the name suggests, a birthday bonus is a special offer you can only avail of on your birthday. Such bonuses are provided to long-term and loyal customers of 918kiss who want to benefit from the casino. So, if you are looking for a fun promotion, a birthday bonus is just for you. 

Birthday bonuses are usually cash; you must chat with the customer support team. They will direct you on how to get the promotion, or the customer support team will activate it on your behalf. All you have to do is provide the necessary information to customer support. 

The birthday bonus has specific terms and conditions like any other promotion offer. You must remember a few things before requesting the bonus. The first and most obvious thing is that you can only get this bonus once a year. If you try to get it more than once, the casino will have a previous record of it, and your request will be rejected. 

Secondly, you must have a minimum of three deposits in the previous three months to get the promotion at any time of the birthday month. The bonus expires in thirty days, and the winning amount for the player will be 2x, after which the amount is transferred to your account. 

Referral Bonus

A referral bonus is one of the most challenging promotions as the turnover is expected to be 3x. You can get a referral bonus with the help of your family and friends. Once you send them the link to your profile and they download it through that link to play, you will receive the bonus. 

However, just like any other bonus and promotion, this one also has specific terms and conditions for availing it. You must send the referral link to as many people as possible, and once 15 to 30 people download it and make a deposit of MYR 50, only then can you get the bonus. 

The amount of the referral bonus is usually MYR 400 or MYR 800. Therefore, to get such an amount, it only makes sense to meet all the conditions set by 918kiss. Once you do so, the amount will be transferred to your account, and you can withdraw it with the multiple payment options available at 918kiss.

Free Spins

Free spins are another non-cash bonus with a cash advantage in two ways. When you get a free spin, you can spin the wheel of the slot games without paying for the spins. So, this bonus not only saves the funds you already have but if you win through the spins, more amount will be transferred to you. 

Therefore, free spins allow players to win real money without using their funds, and if they don’t win, they won’t lose anything. It is a win-win situation as no loss occurs to the player, and they can try new gaming experiences without the fear of losing their deposits. 

This one also has specific terms and conditions like any other promotion offer. You can use the bonus within 30 days; after that, it will expire. Once you get free spins through different promotions and bonuses or as a standalone offer, there might be certain game restrictions. Ensure you know such conditions and play accordingly to save the opportunity. 

Loyalty Programs

As the name suggests, loyalty programs are only for the loyal users of the 918kiss casino platform. The loyalty program includes bonuses and promotions, such as VIP schemes where players can earn rewards based on specific activities. 

The more the players play, the more benefits they can unlock, including personalized offers, exclusive bonuses, committed customer support, and faster cash withdrawals. Moreover, the players can get additional cash benefits, which motivates them to stay on the platform. 


918kiss provides some of the best promotions and bonuses in online casinos. Now that you know about these offers, you can avail of them by meeting the terms and conditions as stated. For further details and directions regarding the offers, you can go to the website and check out their promotion page. 

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