Loyalty Programs and VIP Schemes in Australian Online Casinos

Online Casino Australia, such as Auwin, has achieved a remarkable reward in reaching the top tier of Australian casinos. The online gambling platforms are now performing as an independent sporting body to entertain gambling enthusiasts worldwide. These casinos are now following the protocols of traditional casinos to stand upright until the end of the world. Introducing VIP schemes, a mark of exclusivity, and Loyalty programs is one step that Online Casino Australia, like Auwin, has taken to honor its exceptional players in a way we will discuss in this article.  

Understanding Loyalty and VIP Programs at Online Casino Australia

We regularly see players worldwide gambling in casinos – online or traditional- all over the world. The driving force for such constant participation in gambling activities in Online Casino Australia, like Auwin, are the bonuses and rewards players get for achieving specific goals during the gameplay. 

VIP and Loyalty Programs are similar to such bonuses and rewards, given that these are fixed and known to the players to avail them. After enrolling in VIP and Loyalty Programs, players are given additional perks and benefits that non-vip players need to be aware of. 

Differences Between A Casino VIP Program And A Loyalty Program?

Although less noticeable, there are many differences between VIP and loyalty programs. The significant difference lies in the availability of perks and bonuses. For the VIP program, a player pays a certain amount as a subscription fee and gets all the distinguished features and benefits as long as they are active members. 

On the other hand, a loyalty program is a points game every player gets after achieving a particular game target. After collecting these points for a year, one might get eligible for all the perks a VIP player gets in Online Casino Australia, such as Auwin. 

Types of VIP Scheme and Loyalty Program

Specifically, there are only two categories for VIP and Loyalty Programs. 

Points-Based Programs

Points-based programs are the typical type of VIP and Loyalty schemes. Players are awarded some predetermined points upon their deposits and purchases during the game. These points can be converted into rewards, including but not limited to cashback coins, free spins, lottery tickets, bonuses, etc. Some online casinos have personal stores where players can buy their desired products in exchange for points. 

Tier-Based Programs

Tier-based programs are another type of loyalty program that is leveled up to the next tier when a player collects a milestone of points. The higher the tier, the more chances you get exclusive rewards and bonuses. In the points-based VIP program, you use the points to get free spins, lottery tickets, etc, while in tier-based programs, you are awarded free spins, cashbacks, lottery tickets, and many more when you level up your tier. 

VIP & Loyalty Rewards You Can Expect

You might wonder what rewards one gets when titled a VIP or loyal player. This section will explore the most prominent perks of becoming a loyal or VIP player at Online Casino Australia.

Cashback Rewards

Cashbacks are the most common perks or rewards in a loyalty program. The frequency and size of the cashback depends on the level of the tier. The higher the tier level, the greater the cashback would be. Cashback is given daily, weekly, or monthly and is only offered in terms of losses. Deposits into Auwin or other Online casinos in Australia will get you cashback. 

Free Spin Rewards

The next perk you can see most in the VIP program is the free spin bonus at Online Casino Australia Auwin. Free spins are often rewarded when you reach the next step on the tier ladder. The nature and size of free spins also depend on the tier level. For a higher tier, there are dedicated free spins called Big spins, Mega spins, or Super spins that are of more excellent value than the traditional free spins. 

Random Prizes

Random prizes are the most exciting perks to expect as a reward and bonus associated with loyalty and VIP schemes. These random prizes add an element of surprise that entices players to play more for more remarkable wins and more funds. The random prizes are sometimes a wheel with sections filled with many rewards, such as a pile of free spins, a certain amount of real money, and more. 

Lottery Tickets

You may see getting lottery tickets at certain levels up the tier ladder. There are plenty of rewards, as small as cashback and free spins and as big as cars and luxury holidays. The lottery might occur once a month, offering you the best opportunity to win life-changing prizes.

Pros & Cons of VIP Programs


  • Loyalty programs and VIP schemes enable you to get rewards, benefits, and personalized bonuses that other players lack. 
  • You will have a personal agent or account manager who will guide you through the process and help you earn greater rewards and bonuses.
  • The VIP program also increases your withdrawal limits many folds for non-vip players. 
  •  There are also some personalized VIP tournaments with exclusive rewards and perks to which only VIP players are invited. 
  • The payout and withdrawal time is much less than that for non-VIP players. 


  • Stepping up to the next level on the tier ladder usually involves high-end, sophisticated requirements that require much effort and ample time to achieve. 
  • The VIP program offers exclusive rewards and random surprises and has a fixed roadmap to get particular rewards at a higher level. This encourages players to play constantly for longer, embedding bad gambling habits in the individual. 


VIP schemes and Loyalty programs are always part of any online sporting platform, such as Online Casino Australia Auwin and many others. These programs are designed to attract players to be regular platform participants and eventually become permanent members. The rewards and bonuses are always exclusive, and no VIP player can achieve them, making VIP players unique and dearer. 

Although the sense of being special and the taste of such exclusive rewards might appeal to every VIP player at Online Casino Australia, such as Auwin, developing a healthy sporting spirit and keeping everything moderate and balanced is essential.

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