HubSpot Onboarding Best Practices

The process of getting acclimated to the HubSpot platform and making it part of your marketing environment can sound complicated and daunting, but the results will make it worth investing time and effort in. In most cases, the onboarding process can take marketing professionals up to three months, but the bright side is that after this, you will have laid the foundation for your business to succeed with the platform.

It’s advisable to take as much time as you may need, however, to get everything right so that you can reap the benefits of the platform in full. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the best onboarding practices to guide you:

1. Have an Onboarding Plan

It could be that this is the first time you’re adding an automation solution to your tech stack or you’re simply overhauling your B2B platform. Whatever the case, creating an onboarding plan that will guide you through the entire process is a good idea. It will come in pretty handy when you feel a little bit lost and can’t determine where you are in your onboarding journey.

Part of the onboarding plan should be to consider your business goals so you can use that to tweak the HubSpot platform to your favor.

2. Choose Your Onboarding Experience

After getting your HubSpot license, one of the next important steps to take is to decide how you want to complete the required onboarding. You can choose to go directly through the onboarding process by yourself or seek guidance and customized services from a HubSpot onboarding partner like RevPartners. The latter is a great option for business owners who are pressed for time so they don’t want to fiddle with a marketing tool they are not familiar with.

But even if you have all the time in your world of business to get it right, teaming up with an onboarding partner comes with several benefits that you wouldn’t have access to if you’re onboarding by yourself. The experience and expertise of an onboarding partner will make the entire process easy and fast.

3. Learn and Experiment

Even if you’ve chosen to onboard with a partner, don’t get too comfortable and leave everything to them. Remember when everything’s done, you’ll be the one to use the platform, so you ought to know what to do with it. A good idea here would be to invest in inbound education for your sales and marketing teams from the HubSpot Academy or other sources.

After completing these courses, you can now put your new platform in the users’ hands, so they can experiment and continue learning practically. Experiencing the platform firsthand can also be a basis for your team to bring up new ideas that you can engage your onboarding partner on.

4. Set Up and Make Good Use of the Projects Tool

One of the most useful tools on HubSpot is the ‘Projects’ management tool. It allows you to create, plan, and assign tasks related to an item or campaign. There are different templates to make your work easier and you can also customize the tool to your liking.

Depending on what you want to achieve with HubSpot, you can use this tool to create a checklist to help you meet all the details when setting up the portal.

5. Customize… A Lot

Every business is different, and the good thing about HubSpot is it gives you more than enough wiggle room when it comes to customizing the platform to your liking. You can customize the onboarding experience as much as is required to help your new and existing employees work conveniently. Part of the customization plan should include individualizing accounts to meet the needs of the end user.

There are lots of additional customization options and ideas to explore, so take your time here to get the best out of your new platform.

Make Your Onboarding Journey Easier With Revpartners

It’s highly recommended to take your time and onboard to HubSpot properly while being guided by your business goals and team needs if you want to be successful with this platform. Onboarding with a HubSpot partner may not seem to make much of a difference, but the reality is most organizations lack the bandwidth and knowledge to onboard right.

Experts like RevPartners have what it takes to help you get things right the first time. So if you want to boost your business successfully with HubSpot, leverage the years of experience and insights that RevPartners offers!

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