Basic Furniture That All Startups Need

Starting something on your own has always been a pretty rewarding experience. It has always been one of those processes that makes you feel more confident about your abilities. Moreover, it also gives you peace of mind about being your own boss. That being said, opening a startup also means that you will have to get a place and set it up to welcome new employees to your office. Basically, you will have to build comfortable workstations where your employees will feel comfortable and motivated to come back every day. 

Well, we know that you think that it will be a lot of expense on your head, but trust us, this is not true. As a startup owner, you will just have to buy the basic ones that you will need to get started with. That does not mean you will have to buy a pool table or bean bags. All that you need to do is go to a Nairobi furniture store and buy the ones that are standard and simple. 

Why Is Buying Furniture for Startups Any Different from Others?

Well, we are certain that you are thinking about how is buying furniture for a startup different from any other type of office. Furniture for workstations are always different. The reasons are explained below. 

Firstly, money plays a big role when it comes to buying furniture for a startup. A small business lacks the kind of money that you need to buy extravagant office furniture. Let us be real: building most workstations takes up a lot of money. But you cannot afford to invest that same amount of money when it comes to furnishing a startup.

Secondly, there are far more number of people who use a big office space. On the other hand, the number of people decreases when it comes to a startup because it is a small company.

Thirdly, a startup requires far fewer kinds of furniture than a big company. This is simply because there is no need for a big conference table or beautiful side table. Even the simplest and smallest things are enough to set up a startup office space.  

List of Basic Furniture 

Now that you are aware of why things work a little differently when it comes to setting up a startup, we can move on to the next part. Well, the list of furniture for a startup is not that big. It genuinely just comprises the simple and basic stuff. Some of these pieces of furniture are:

1. Chair

Well, tell us something, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say furniture? It is definitely a chair! It is genuinely one of the most important furniture in any office space. Without any comfortable chairs in place, your employees would have no place to sit and work efficiently. So, make sure you buy these from the best Nairobi furniture store.

2. Desk

Do you want your employees to stay productive at all times? If yes, then make sure you buy some sturdy yet affordable office desks for the space. This will be the place where your employees will keep their systems and other belongings to carry on their work. So, it is safe to say that buying a good office desk is a must. That being said, this does not mean that you will have to buy an expensive desk. You can simply get a basic one that will just last you a few good years.

3. Sofas

Before you start to think why you need this in an office space, let us take a moment to explain. A sofa kind of gives a comfortable touch to the structural setup of the office. Keeping this furniture in your will help you in many ways. It will be comfortable seating for your clients when they visit your office. Plus, you can use these to help people sit down when they come for interviews. So, make sure you get these when you are building the workstations. 

4. Tables

Trust us when we say this: all office spaces require at least two or three tables. Or even one big table can do the work! This is because buying one conference table is an expensive deal. So, it is far better to buy a few small ones and assemble them whenever you need them. 

5. Storage

An office space is filled with inventories and important stuff. From stationery to files, there is a huge list of things that you need to secure in your office space. This is why you should definitely buy a few storage units from a Nairobi furniture store. This will help you to keep things organized and in one place. 

Key Takeaway 

Designing a startup office is kind of a tricky game. There is genuinely a lot that you should keep in mind when you are building workstations for a startup. So, make sure you give a good read to this blog because it will work like a guide. This will do more than help you to find the right furniture pieces from a Nairobi furniture store. Rather it will also help you to understand the basic difference between designing a big office and a startup. 

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